New Student Applications for Lottery

Open Enrollment @ Santa Fe South


Santa Fe South schools are open enrollment public charter schools. Due to limited capacity, there is often a waiting list for open slots. Students are placed in order on the waiting list based upon the lottery which is conducted March 15th, and the 15th of each subsequent month until all available slots are filled. Applications must be submitted by 11:59PM on the 12th of each month in order to be included in the lottery for that particular month. Any applications submitted after 11:59PM on the 12th of the month will be included in the lottery for the following month. To participate in the lottery, it is required that parents fill out the online application completely.   NEW APPLICATION PROCESS - SEE SIDEBAR! 

To access the online application, please click on either the English or Spanish link below:

English Application

Spanish Application


NOTE: Applications must be submitted every year for potential students to be considered for the lottery. Applications from a previous year cannot be used in the next year's lottery.


In the 2014-2015 school year Santa Fe South had 1507 students, Pre-K - 12th grade. In 2017-2018 over 3200 students were served. Even through this recent expansion, the waiting list continues to grow. Therefore, it is paramount that parents who would like to send their child/children to Santa Fe South fill out the online application completely and submit PRIOR to the lottery taking place, which begins in March of each year.


Acceptance Notification

Once a child is accepted into Santa Fe South, the parents will be notified as soon as possible. The parents will then complete online registration forms and work with Liliana Ramirez, Santa Fe South Administration Secretary, to ensure all necessary documents are submitted to SFS by the given deadline.


Santa Fe South school secretaries for each site are listed below:

SFS Early Childhood Center - (405) 600-1986
Registrar: Ms. Sandra Medrano
Secretary: Ms. Karla Duran

SFS Penn Elementary School - (405) 681-7480
Registrar: Ms. Sandra Medrano
Secretary: Ms. Aidee Jimenez

SFS Hills Elementary - (405) 606-3916
Secretary: Ms. Ruby Salinas  
Registrar:  Ms. Alicia Nunez

SFS Spero Elementary - (405) 600-7038
Secretary: Ms. Candy Reyes
Registrar:  Ms. Nadia Velazquez

SFS 6th Grade Center - (405) 601-6357
Secretary: Ms. Maria Garcia

SFS Middle School - (405) 635-1053
Registrar: Ms. Bonnie Wixom
Secretary: Ms. Stephanie Morga

SFS High School - (405) 631-6100
Registrar: Ms. Tina Duenas
Secretaries: Ms. Valerie Gomez

SFS Alpha Credit Recovery - (405) 635-0405
Director: Mrs. Hartley Harper

SFS Pathways Middle College High School - (405) 682-7840
Secretary: Ms. Janice Braxton

Santa Fe South Schools utilizes an electronic application. The application can be completed on any desktop, tablet or mobile device. If you need assistance completing the online application, please come to the Santa Fe South Administration office @ 4825 S. Shields Blvd.