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Increases OCCC’s commitment to South OKC and improves path to higher education
[OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA, February 4] – Oklahoma City Community College (OCCC) has entered into a sponsorship agreement with Santa Fe South Schools (SFS), the largest comprehensive charter school district in Oklahoma. The OCCC Board of Regents, and the Santa Fe South Board of Education, each approved the partnership on Monday, January 25, and the contract was officially signed on Tuesday, February 2, in a ceremony with Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt and a bipartisan group of legislators. The new partnership formally establishes new opportunities for the more than 3,500 students served by SFS,  allowing them to get college credit through concurrent enrollment opportunities, providing additional scholarships and tuition opportunities to students, and introducing a more direct path to higher education for students who want to get their basics before departing for a four-year university.
“We’ve hosted Pathways Middle College (a SFS school) on OCCC’s campus for many years,” said OCCC Interim President Dr. Jeremy Thomas. “This is an extension of that partnership, one that allows us to do even more for South OKC families and students.”
Charter schools are not state agencies, and require a state agency to sponsor them. OKC Public Schools formerly sponsored Santa Fe South. The sponsor receives a funding allotment from the state, keeps 1 to 2 ½ percent of it based on revenue generation, and oversees the distribution of the remaining 97 ½ to 99 percent of the allotment to the sponsored district.
“We’re so proud of what we do for students here at Santa Fe South,” said SFS Superintendent Chris Brewster. “This commitment from OCCC helps us carve out the next chapter for our district, and we’re very excited about the enormous good this will do for our communities.” 
With more than 60 majors to choose from, and more than 40 student-led clubs and organizations, OCCC offers an affordable, accredited college education to around 17,000 students annually, and serves thousands more in non-credit classes and programs. OCCC offers associate degrees, certifications and leadership opportunities to all Oklahomans, whomever they are, whomever they love, wherever they’ve been and wherever they’re going.

About SFS

Santa Fe South Schools is a fully accredited public charter school district serving students from Pre-K through 12th grades. Operational since 2001, SFS predominantly serves students from the Oklahoma City Public School District attendance area.  

With 3500 students enrolled, We are the largest comprehensive charter school in the state and one of the largest in the region.

Santa Fe South Schools strives to establish a strong foundation for lifelong learning and provides opportunities to prepare students from the Oklahoma City metro area to thrive in a complex, competitive, and culturally-pluralistic society.  

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