Statement from the Superintendent

“No us and them. Just us.”  Father Greg Boyle, Jesuit priest who radically loves and serves the most hardcore gang members in south-central LA, lives out this statement.  His life and work show an entire community the truth that he believes - that God has created all people equally, and that we have an obligation to confront any system which treats people otherwise. 


Santa Fe South is the embodiment of this truth.  Our school community doesn’t just talk about it. We don’t just post about it. We don’t even just protest or demonstrate about it.  We live out our belief in the infinite value of all individuals every day.  One of the most powerful ways that we can show our love is to provide an opportunity for ALL of our children to thrive, no matter their background. No matter the color or their skin or accent in their voice.  No matter where they were born.


We will continue the attack on bigotry and racism in our society with our most powerful tools.  Love, inclusion, education, and with a commitment to work the rest of our lives to see this world a better place for ALL of our kids. 


No us and them, OKC.  Just us.