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Submit scholarship applications as soon as possible. Make sure to include everything that is requested in your application. Present yourself neatly and accurately, taking the time to check your grammar and spelling.

OKC Community Foundation
P.E.O. Star Scholarship
Gates Millenium Scholars Program
Weokie Foundation
GoodCall Scholarship Engine
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College Preparation

Preparing for college is an exciting time in life, but it is also a very important time of transition for most students. It is best not to just “wing it.” Instead, develop a game plan and follow a process which best prepares you for the next step in your life. Benjamin Franklin once said, "Failing to prepare is preparing to fail." Don't fail to prepare. 

OK College Start
College Prep Checklist

Entrance Exam

The ACT is a college entrance exam many colleges and universities require for admission. It is recommended to take the exam prior to your senior year. You can take it earlier in your high school career and as many times as you want and/or can afford. A minimum score is required by most post-secondary institutions. Also, scholarship money is available for those students who score exceptionally well on the ACT, so it is important to be prepared upon entering the testing session.

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ACT Tips
ACT Guide
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Financial Resources

There's no getting around it - college is expensive. However, you can reduce your net out-of-pocket expenses by taking advantage of scholarships, grants, and low-interest loans which may be available to you. It does take a strategic plan and substantive effort, but the payoff can be worth thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars!

Pell Grant