Graduation Requirements

Testing Requirements:

All Santa Fe South students will participate in state testing.



Students will earn 7.5 credits per year on the traditional semester schedule. They will have 7 classes and TEAMS each semester. Each semester course counts for .5 credit, and TEAMS counts for .25 credits per semester.

7.5 credits possible /year X 4 years = 30 credits possible                                                     

25 credits required*

* Students entering from other districts or needing special considerations may appeal to the Building Principal, Director of Special Education and Director of Counseling.



Students earn 9 credits per year on the block schedule. They have 4 classes and HOUSE each semester. Each block course counts for 1 credit, and HOUSE counts for .5 credits each semester. Graduation requirements are on a sliding scale based on the year the student enters Pathways Middle College High School.

Students entering as:

Grade 9

  • 9 credits/year   X    4 years   =   36 credits possible
  • 34 credits required

Grade 10

  • 6 previous credits  +   9 credits/yr   X   3 yrs    =    33 credits possible          
  • 32 credits required

Grade 11

  • 12 previous credits   +  9 credits/yr    X    2 yrs     =  30 credits possible       
  • 30 credits required

Grade 12

  • 18 previous credits   +  9 credits/yr    X    1 year   =  27 credits possible       
  • 27 credits required


Valedictorian Selection:

Because the number of credits strongly impacts the overall GPA of a student, honor students will continue to be recognized by the robe color. The student selected to speak at graduation will be selected based on GPA, Conduct, and administrator approval.


Graduation Exceptions Based on State College Prep/Work Ready Minimum Standards:

In case of extenuating circumstances, a student may request reduced credit requirements or shortened school day. This request must be presented to an appeal committee including but not limited to Site Principal, Site Counselor, Director of Counseling and Director of Special Education. In order to be considered, student must have met all State, Oklahoma Promise and Santa Fe South Curricular Requirements.


Core Curriculum Exceptions:

In case of extenuating circumstances, a student may request to graduate based on Oklahoma State Core Curriculum Standards instead of College Prep/Work Ready Standards. This request must be approved by the appeal committee consisting of Site Principal, Director of Counseling and Director of Special Education.



All students must complete additional requirements as outlined by The State of Oklahoma.


Graduation Requirements:

English Language Arts

  • 4 credits


  • 4 credits at or above Algebra I with a minimum of 3 credits being earned in grades 9 through 12. 


  • 4 credits including Biology and Chemistry (3 lab sciences required)
Social Studies
  • 4 Credits including O.K. History, U.S. History and Government
Senior Seminar/Capstone
  • 1 Credit

Fine Arts

  • 1 credit

World Language/Computers

  • Must select from the following options:
    • 2 years of the same world language and 1 year computers
    • 2 years computers and 1 year world language

Personal Financial Literacy

  • SFS High School - 1 Semester
  • Pathways - Embedded in Capstone


  • Elective credits to equal total number of credit requirements